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We are Erin, Casey, Gunner & Paige. An adventurous family sailing & RVing around the world.

After 10 years as rocket scientists (yup, really!), we realized we were missing our kids’ special moments. We made a drastic lifestyle change.

We bought a boat and named it after our aspirations: Endless Playtime. We left dream careers to become full time parents. Join us as we figure out this parenting thing, homeschooling, living in tiny homes and traveling the world.

Our fun hasn’t been without setbacks, including a Coast Guard rescue & a major boat accident that left us homeless & moving into a RV. 

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Traveling with kids and living in a tiny floating home being on additional challenges than those we faced in our large land house. We have figured out the items that make our lives easier when traveling with kids and living in a small space. Take a look at our gears page for our top recommendations.

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“We are a family of 4 who wanted more quality time together. We bought a boat, moved on aboard, and are currently sailing around the world. Come aboard with us!”